How can I image a floppy disc with ADFFS

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How can I image a floppy disc with ADFFS

Post by JonAbbott » Thu Nov 09, 2017 10:10 am

You can image as an ADF via "Image floppy\Image as ADF" from the ADFFS Filer. Once imaged it can be save via "Save as" from the Filer.

To image protected titles to JFD file, use the process detailed below.

Recording files are now bundled with ADFFS 2.64. To make use of them, ensure you have SparkFS loaded and then skip to the Imaging section below. By using the inbuilt recordings, you can image floppies on any machine that has a floppy drive, including the Iyonix.

No support is given for images made using these recordings and bare in mind, if the floppies you're trying to image weren't generated with a floppy imager or are a different version to the one archived by JASPP, they may not image correctly.

Creating your own recording file

1. Clean boot the machine (this is to ensure the floppy has not been seen by ADFS)
2. Load !ADFFS
3. *ADFRecord adfs::4.$.Fiiiiidd
iiiii - is the ID from the table below
dd - is the disc number (eg 01, 02, 03 etc)

eg Flashback disc 1 would be F1015901

4. Insert the floppy and copy all files to a temporary folder on your harddisc. You may delete them as soon as the copy has finished, this step ensures all used sectors are seen by ADFFS
5. This step is for Disc 1 only: Run the game and wait until its fully loaded or prompts for another disc
6. Press SHIFT-CTRL-F10 to stop recording

Imaging using an existing recording file

Requirements: At least 2048KB of free memory

1. Select Image floppy/Image as JFD from the ADFFS Filer
2. Select the title of the game using the Title drop-down menu
3. Most fields will probably now be automatically filled, ensure the correct floppy number is selected if you’re imaging a game with more than one floppy
4. If SparkFS is loaded, a default recording file will be selected if the game has already been archived by JASPP. If you’ve previously created a recording file, drag/drop it onto the window to use it for imaging.
5. Drag/drop the Save As icon to the folder you’d like to save the JFD file
6. Click OK

NOTE: Imaged floppies are for personal use only, any games imaged with ADFFS are covered by copyright and must not be distributed.

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