Empire Soccer '94 (1995) (Empire Software)

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Empire Soccer '94 (1995) (Empire Software)

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Image Empire Soccer '94 (1995) (Empire Software)

ID: 10132
Version: Unknown
Developer: Graftgold Creative Software
Genre: Sport; Football; 3 Player
RAM: 1024

CPU compatibility: ARM2 ARM250 ARM3 ARM610 ARM700 ARM710 ARM7500 StrongARM ARMv5+
OS compatibility: 3.11 3.5x 3.6x 3.7x 4.x 5.x

Legal info: Distribution rights held by JASPP

Download full archive: Image (9.8mb)

Download individual floppies: Image

Game info
To run the game use "Boot floppy" from the ADFFS Filer.
Requires the manual for protection, which is contained in the Full Archive.

The new soccer game, created by Graftgold that looks and plays like a dream!

3 different gameplay models.
Training, Exhibition and World Cup.

Managerial control to effect substitutions and formation changes.

32 National teams each with different tactics and skill levels.

Up to 8 players in World Cup Tournament.

Action replays with special video control mode.

Image Image


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