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Looking to contribute

Post by iainfm »

Hi, and thanks for adding me to the forum.

I'm interested in contributing to this project. I wrote a few bits of software back in the day, and those that which saw a public release were usually public domain for example !Draw2Spr (not to be confused with !D2Sprite :lol: ).

I also had wrote a commercial piece of software for my dad's Civil Engineering / Acorn dealer company (weird combo, I know) called !DAA (Digital Area Analysis). It was favourably reviewed in http://www.acornuser.com/acornuser/year17/issue195.html (although the manual was criticised - and quite rightly now I've had a look at it again).

I've got hold of an A5000 that I developed it on, and was surprised and pleased to discover that it still runs on ROS 5.28 on a Raspberry Pi. It's written in BASIC with a small assembler routine built in for speed. Commercial versions were bascrunch'd and run through a basic to absolute convertor. The last 'source' version I have to hand at the moment is 2.57, and an 'absoluted' version of 2.64. I think I have a printout of the 2.64 basic version, so the worst case scenario would be I'd have to type it in again (old skool!).

Anyway, I'd be happy to contribute this and my other things to the project if you're interested. Flicking through the code, it's clearly not written terribly well and comments are few and far between.

Is this something the project would be interested in?

Best wishes,

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Re: Looking to contribute

Post by richw »

If it doesn't sit here, then I am sure the guys at StarDot would be interested.

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Re: Looking to contribute

Post by JonAbbott »

A Richard suggests, I'd drop them into the archive on StarDot. Although I started out with the intention of archiving all software, I've since restricted it to just games as that's going to take me a lifetime in itself.

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