pi-topUtils 1.07

Keyboard/HID driver and battery indicator for pi-top laptops
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pi-topUtils 1.07

Post by JonAbbott » Tue Mar 24, 2020 6:02 pm

This build includes the following changes to resolve hangs under recent RISC OS 5.27 beta builds:
  • The HID and Keyboard drivers now use BufferManager to read USB data
  • Screen dimmer now runs under RTSupport so it can yield when SPI data is delayed
  • Added additional pause loops to reduce the likelihood of the pi-top hub getting into an indeterminate state
- - - - -

pi-top Utilities provides a battery level indicator, screen dimming, auto shutdown, pi-top speaker control and pi-top keyboard support.

The battery icon indicates the percentage of charge and powered status:

Hover the mouse over the icon for time information:

It also includes HID and USB keyboard drivers, which add the following features:
  • Volume controls adjust pi-top speakers, or the RISC OS volume if none are available
  • Brightness controls work
  • left pi-top+SHIFT+| is |
  • left pi-top+Left Arrow is Home
  • left pi-top+Right Arrow is End/Copy
  • left pi-top+Up Arrow is Page Up
  • left pi-top+Down Arrow is Page Down
  • left pi-top+DEL is Pause/Break
  • right pi-top is the middle mouse button
  • P-key / F-key behaviour is swapped by default, removing the requirement to hold Fn for the function keys (set in !Run)
  • Dims the screen when there's no keyboard/mouse activity (timeout is set in !Run)
  • Powers down the screen when the DPMS screen saver blanks the screen
  • Powers down if left on the Wimp shutdown screen (4 sec by default, timeout can be set or disabled in !Run), pressing a key or the Restart button cancels the power down
  • Can set the brightness to a default level when loaded (set in !Run)
By default the P-keys and F-keys are swapped, the behaviour can be toggled by pressing the key next to DEL (this may be removed once finalized).

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Configuring a pi-top for gaming

If you're going to be using your pi-top for gaming, you'll also want to create a custom 50hz video mode so games such as Pac-mania have silky smooth scrolling.

Edit !Boot.Loader.CONFIG/TXT and add the following, remembering to comment out any previous video mode settings:

Code: Select all

# Custom 1360x768 50Hz
hdmi_cvt=1360 768 50 3 0 0 0

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