Like to get some games working on my A3000

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Like to get some games working on my A3000

Post by soviet »

Hello guys this is my first post so i like to say Hi to all of the users on the forum and also thank you for this superv software that makes possible to run all this games.

For me starting using the acorn A3000 is still and exercise on frustration, i was able to run a couple of disk images like ZOOL and others but most software have prove illusive to get working.

I have seen that the compatible list of working games is big, but i can't find the right disk images.
Does somebody know where i can download all the correct game disk images ?, or an emulator hard disk file iso or something i can use to get the files to my A3000.

Have seen stunt racer 2000 and looks amazing but the disk file proves to be illusive like lotus turbo challenge as examples.

I have an ide drive 4 megs of ram and a dual CF adapter (x2 512m CF drives), also i use a raspberry pi and a cf adapter couple to a fat32 usb drive to get software from and to my windows pc.


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Re: Like to get some games working on my A3000

Post by JonAbbott »

I can't help you out with games the project doesn't have rights to distribute, but you can download the image for Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 here.

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