Testing ADFFS and game deployment via PackMan

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Testing ADFFS and game deployment via PackMan

Post by JonAbbott » Tue Nov 06, 2018 10:02 pm

With a lot of help and development from Alan Buckley, downloading ADFFS and games currently supported on the Pi via PackMan is available for testing, by adding the following source URL:


  • Although ADFFS is installed as a dependency, you still need to ensure your machine meets the requirements detailed in the latest ADFFS release for it to work correctly
  • Some games have conflicting !App folder names, particularly where there are multiple versions of the same game
  • Some games are missing icons for the !App folder (please contact me if you want to create suitable icons)
  • Game compatibility on RiscPC and other platforms will vary as testing is primarily done on Pi3
  • These games were known to work on the Pi with ADFFS 2.64 but have not necessarily been tested with ADFFS 2.68 or newer builds
  • Packages are likely to change without version bumps whilst PackMan deployment is being tested and developed

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