CDFaker 1.06

Mount ISO/CUE CD images
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CDFaker 1.06

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CDFaker is now ARMv7 compliant and has been extended to support BIN/CUE files and RedBook CD-Audio. Manually run !CDFaker as needed, or load in PreDesk if you want the CDFSFiler audio player to work. Ensure you have at least one CDROM configured.

ISOImage (DF6) and CUE (A79) filetypes are associated with CDFaker, simply double-click them to mount the CD image. Games that support CD-Audio should play CD-Audio once a BIN/CUE image of the CD has been created with suitable software via Windows, Linux or Mac.

CDFaker has two *Configure options to set the size of the CD-Audio buffer and read ahead:

CDFakerAudioBuffer <sectors>
CDFakerAudioReadAhead <sectors>

Where <sectors> is the number of CD-Audio sectors to read. There are 75 sectors/second, 1 second of audio being 150Kb. By default the buffer is ~2 seconds of audio (156 sectors) and read ahead is ~1/3 second (26 sectors.)

Note that SharedSound is required for CD-Audio support, which can be obtained from the ROOL System resources download.

By default CDFaker allocates the first free SCSI ID on card 3, this can be changed in !Run by modifying the relevant environment variable.

Games with CD-Audio

F10016 Ankh: The Tales of Mystery (1998) (R-Comp Interactive)
F10193 Heroes of Might and Magic 2: The Succession Wars (2000) (R-Comp Interactive)
F10194 Heroes of Might and Magic 2: The Price of Loyalty (2000) (R-Comp Interactive)
F10295 Quake Resurrection (2000) (R-Comp Interactive)
F10190 Towers of Darkness – Heretic, Hexen & Beyond (1999) (R-Comp Interactive)

Changes since 1.05
  • CD_ReadData, CD_ReadSubChannel, CD_DiscUsed, CD_PlayAudio were returning an invalid error pointer
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