Changes to Stream capture in 2.20

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Changes to Stream capture in 2.20

Post by JonAbbott »

I've just noticed they've added a blind imaging format in the 2.20 software. Details on it are here.
- behaviour of stream files has been changed. There are two types of stream files can be selected:

-i0 stream files, preservation
-i0a stream files, format guided

The format guided stream files behave exactly the same way as stream files used to be: they always require at least one additional image type defined as a "guide format" telling what and how to sample from the disk. The stream files in this case just record what was being selected by the other, guide formats.
Does this affect the Kryoflux conversion to APD? i0 is the imaging method I'd use, from the wording however it sounds like it previously used a guided format to image. I don't recall ever using a guided format however!
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Re: Changes to Stream capture in 2.20

Post by danielj »

So I'm not aware of anything having changed substantially. Format guided tries to use a known format to verify that it's capturing properly where possible, but it will still dump everything (even if it can't validate against the known format).

If you never specified a format when capturing I don't think there's anything to worry about :)

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