HDFFS 1.02

Filesystem for FileCore based HDF Hard disc image files
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HDFFS 1.02

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HDFFS is a RISC OS FileSystem for mounting HDF files. It's a self-contained Module with a Wimp Filer build in, simply run it and double-click on an HDF file to mount it.

Note that as this is a FileCore based FileSystem, the OS must support the version of FileCore the HDF file was formatted for, otherwise it will report the drive isn't formatted.

HDFFS drives can be formatted using Partition Manager 0.84 or newer.

Changes in this build
  • Removed MiscOp 6 from jump table as it's not required
  • Added DiscOp64
  • Added a disc name size cap and a fallback of the drive no. for the *DISMOUNT string generated when mounting an HDF
  • Now checks if the underlying FileCore supports FileCore_SectorDiscOp and FileCore_DiscOp64 SWIs before returning the HDFFS equivalent during SWI decode
  • Wasn't loading the sprites pre RISC OS 3.50
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