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Discuss development of the proposed JASPP website
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Website Proposal

Post by steven_gilson »

Hi Jon

I saw your reply to the thread over on stardot on archiving software, just popped over to let you know that I would up for helping get a website going, I have a CMS in mind that is PHP/MySQL based that can link into the forums that would work great. I know it very well, so we could get the core site going in a few hours with the downloads system in place and a way for people to submit content etc

Drop me a PM if you're interested and I'll let you know email/skype/discord info!

Kind Regards
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Re: Website Proposal

Post by JonAbbott »

I appreciate the offer, but do not believe it's something you could knock up in a few hours. The site needs to be a front end to a SQL database that we can edit via the website, with access controls etc. Relational tables would need designing and creating and a web front-end coded for it.

The game data is currently in a spreadsheet and I'd need a way to export it to CSV, to build the packages.
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