pi-topUtils 1.07

Keyboard/HID driver and battery indicator for pi-top laptops
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pi-topUtils 1.07

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This build includes the following changes to resolve hangs under recent RISC OS 5.27 beta builds:
  • The HID and Keyboard drivers now use BufferManager to read USB data
  • Screen dimmer now runs under RTSupport so it can yield when SPI data is delayed
  • Added additional pause loops to reduce the likelihood of the pi-top hub getting into an indeterminate state
- - - - -

pi-top Utilities provides a battery level indicator, screen dimming, auto shutdown, pi-top speaker control and pi-top keyboard support.

The battery icon indicates the percentage of charge and powered status:

Hover the mouse over the icon for time information:

It also includes HID and USB keyboard drivers, which add the following features:
  • Volume controls adjust pi-top speakers, or the RISC OS volume if none are available
  • Brightness controls work
  • left pi-top+SHIFT+| is |
  • left pi-top+Left Arrow is Home
  • left pi-top+Right Arrow is End/Copy
  • left pi-top+Up Arrow is Page Up
  • left pi-top+Down Arrow is Page Down
  • left pi-top+DEL is Pause/Break
  • right pi-top is the middle mouse button
  • P-key / F-key behaviour is swapped by default, removing the requirement to hold Fn for the function keys (set in !Run)
  • Dims the screen when there's no keyboard/mouse activity (timeout is set in !Run)
  • Powers down the screen when the DPMS screen saver blanks the screen
  • Powers down if left on the Wimp shutdown screen (4 sec by default, timeout can be set or disabled in !Run), pressing a key or the Restart button cancels the power down
  • Can set the brightness to a default level when loaded (set in !Run)
By default the P-keys and F-keys are swapped, the behaviour can be toggled by pressing the key next to DEL (this may be removed once finalized).

(12.44 KiB) Downloaded 473 times
(11.45 KiB) Downloaded 397 times

Configuring a pi-top for gaming

If you're going to be using your pi-top for gaming, you'll also want to create a custom 50hz video mode so games such as Pac-mania have silky smooth scrolling.

Edit !Boot.Loader.CONFIG/TXT and add the following, remembering to comment out any previous video mode settings:

Code: Select all

# Custom 1360x768 50Hz
hdmi_cvt=1360 768 50 3 0 0 0
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