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London Show pics

Post by JonAbbott » Sun Oct 25, 2015 2:06 pm

We had a great time at the London Show, lots of people took the time to chat with me about the project, and ask general questions about ADFFS. Hopefully I helped everyone that had queries about getting games running on newer kit.

I was pleased to see so many children there, all enjoying the classics we had running on the ten machines. I grabbed a few photos during the quiet times, which were few and far between. I didn't even get time to look around the show myself!

Machines we were exhibiting were:
A305 - The Last Ninja
A310 - Pac-mania
A4000 - Zarch
A7000 - Ego: Repton 4
RiscPC - Lemmings
Iyonix - Magic Pockets
Pi B #1 - SWIV
Pi B #2 - Fire & Ice
Pi B+ #1 - Mad Professor Mariarti
Pi B+ #2 - Spheres of Chaos
Pi2 - Live development with ADFFS in debug mode

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