JASPP to release additional Archimedes titles

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JASPP to release additional Archimedes titles

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JASPP have agreed with the former owners of Artex Software, Eterna, Minerva and VOTI to freely release their original Archimedes titles through the JASPP project, some of which are now available for download on the JASPP development forum. Along with the public release of some of the titles covered by these agreements, JASPP have also released ADFFS 2.50 beta which allows most of the newly available titles to run on the Pi.

In addition to releasing titles in their original form, JASPP are also looking to update some of the titles by Artex Software and VOTI to be natively 32bit, the first of which will be SunBurst by VOTI - a work in progress video will soon be posted on the JASPP YouTube channel.

Nathan from Visions of the Impossible had this to say - "It has been a very long time since we have trawled through our VOTI archives. It brought a few sad feelings but also many fond memories of our hey-day. Thanks to JASPP for contacting us and for sorting SunBurst to run on recent hardware. Thanks to our VOTI fans of days gone by, without you it just wouldn't have been worth it."

Speaking on behalf of JASPP, Jon Abbott had this to say - "I have to personally thank Jan from Artex Software, Frédéric and François from Eterna, Nova and Meryln from Minerva and Nathan and Owain from VOTI for their support of the project and enthusiasm to see their titles working again. I also have to thank the JASPP test team, who have put many hours into testing these titles on the Pi in recent months and finally thanks in particular go to Steve Harrison for his work on the Eterna game music."

Jon Abbott adds this concerning Eterna - "Eterna were one of the few companies developing games for the Archimedes outside of the UK and it's a privilege to make them available again through JASPP. The games themselves are some of the most devilishly difficult on the platform and will keep gamers frustrated for hours, it's also fair to say that most are unique in both design and technical accomplishment."

Some of the titles covered under these agreements include:
Battle Tank
Botkiller 2
Bubble Fair
Bug Hunter & Moondash
Bug Hunter in Space
Cartoon Line part one
Fine Racer
Freddy's Folly
Ibix the Viking
Jet Fighter
The Legend of the Lost Temple
Maddingly Hall
Missile Control
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Re: JASPP to release additional Archimedes titles

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SunBurst work in progress video:

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