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ADFFS 2.56 beta

Post by JonAbbott » Fri May 27, 2016 2:10 pm

This is a minor release to add support for DOS (.IMG 720KB and 1440KB) and Atari (.ST 360KB and 720KB) floppy disc images. Either set them to filetype "Floppy" (FCE) and double-click in the usual way, or in the case of DOSDisc (FC8) drag them to the ADFFS Filer icon to mount them.

Additional games that now work on the Pi are:
F10006 Aggressor (1992) (Atomic Software)
F10007 Air Supremacy (1991) (Superior Software)
F10026 Arcturus (1994) (Oregan Developments)
F10042 Birds of War (1993) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10310 Rick Dangerous (1995) (The Hitmen Software)
F10389 Wonderland (1991) (Virgin Mastertronic)

A305/A301/A410/A440/A540 requirements:
  • 4MB RAM minimum, 12MB RAM maximum
  • RISCOS 3.11
  • SparkFS must be loaded if "Boot Floppy" is going to be used
RiscPC requirements:
  • 32MB RAM minimum
  • RISC OS 3.x, 4.x or 5.23 Jun 9th 2016 or newer. Note that some game will not work on 4.x due to the way it allocates screen memory
  • SparkFS must be loaded
Iyonix requirements
  • RISC OS 5.23 Jun 9th 2016 build or newer
  • SparkFS must be loaded
  • To get legacy TV MODEs working (0 to 15), you can try this Monitor file for 75Hz EGA on VGA
    (698 Bytes) Downloaded 71 times
Pi requirements:
  • RISC OS 5.23 Jun 9th 2016 build or newer
  • SparkFS must be loaded
  • AnyMode must be installed in !Boot.Choices.Boot.PreDesk or the monitor set to Auto in Configure
  • Ensure fake_vsync_isr=1 is uncommented in !Boot.Loader.CONFIG/TXT
  • (optional) For the proper retro gaming look, you can turn off the default GPU filtered upscaling by editing !Boot.Loader.CONFIG/TXT and add the following lines:

    Code: Select all

    #set GPU upscaling to nearest neighbour
  • (optional) If your display supports 50Hz, you can force the Pi to use 50Hz by editing !Boot.Loader.CONFIG/TXT and adding the following lines. Uncomment one of the hdmi_mode values:

    Code: Select all

    #576p @ 50Hz
    #720p @ 50Hz
    #1080p @ 50Hz
    At other monitor frequencies, games will still run at the correct rate but micro stutter may be noticeable where extra frames are added to make up the difference

Known issues
  • Doesn't support the protection used by Chequered Flag (non-RO3 version), Fine Racer and KerBang! (they talk directly to the FDC via IOC)
  • Shelling out of the desktop (Ctrl-Shift-F12 twice) hangs if an HD floppy is mounted on RO3.5+ ARM710 under RedSquirrel
  • Although Caverns runs fine under VIDC translation on the A7000, on a RPC the scrolling isn't quite correct
  • Does not work on a RISC OS 3.1x machine with more than 12mb of RAM
  • Some games don't display on Kinetic (eg Zarch)
  • Requires 30mb of free memory to work on a StrongARM machine, if the game isn't natively StrongARM compatible
  • OMAP3/4 and Pi3 untested and may not work
  • Sometimes reports "Broken directory" after loading (exiting and reloading is a temporary fix)
  • Can't change discs in Apocalypse on RO4
  • ADFFS may not reset itself after the JIT is shutdown when a game quits (quit and reload ADFFS before trying to Boot another game)
  • Thundermonk fire sometimes doesn't appear on the Pi if the video refresh rate is >50Hz
  • Some games detailed below are currently not working on StrongARM - due to a bug in the ARMv3/v4 JIT on IOMD
  • Some games may result in a blank screen on a RiscPC
  • Rockfall will crash if left on the demo loop
Games that are made StrongARM/Pi compatible:
F10001 2067 BC (1993) (Oregan Developments)
F10006 Aggressor (1992) (Atomic Software)
F10007 Air Supremacy (1991) (Superior Software)
F10010 Alerion (1988) (DABS Press)
F10015 Alone In the Dark (1995) (Krisalis Software)
F10017 Apocalypse (1990) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10493 Arc/A3000 Christmas Box, The: Brixx! (1990) (RTFM Software)
F10493 Arc/A3000 Christmas Box, The: PON! in Winterland (1990) (RTFM Software)
F10493 Arc/A3000 Christmas Box, The: Zap the red wierdos from Mars (1990) (RTFM Software)
F10018 Arcade 3 (1988) (Clares Micro Supplies)
F10020 Arcendium (1988) (Alien Images)
F10026 Arcturus (1994) (Oregan Developments)
F10034 Axis (1993) (TBA Software)
F10036 Ballarena (1990) (Sisteme)
F10038 Battle Chess (1993) (Krisalis Software)
F10039 Battle Tank (1990) (Minerva)
F10041 Big Bang (1996) (Psycore)
F10042 Birds of War (1993) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10049 BlowPipe (1990) (Eclipse)
F10053 Boogie Buggy (1991) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10452 Bouncer (1991) (RTFM Software)
F10057 Bubble Fair (1991) (Eterna)
F10060 Bug Hunter in Space (1990) (Minerva)
F10065 Cannon Fodder (1994) (Krisalis Software)
F10067 Carnage Inc. (1993) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10355 Cascade (1992) (Milo Shaffer and Richard Norman)
F10068 Casino (1989) (Minerva)
F10071 Cataclysm (1991) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10072 Caverns (1991) (Minerva)
F10490 Champions: Jahangir Khan World Championship Squash (1991) (Krisalis Software)
F10081 Chuck Rock (1991) (Krisalis Software)
F10144 Chuck Rock [BUZZ version] (1994) (Krisalis Software)
F10090 Conqueror (1988) (Superior Software)
F10104 DarkWood (1995) (Eclipse)
F10115 Diggers (1994) (Millennium Interactive)
F10118 Dominate (1991) (RTFM Software)
F10125 Drifter (1997) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10127 Drop Ship (1990) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10128 Dune II - Battle for Arrakis (1995) (Eclipse) (v1.23F only)
F10535 Dune II - Battle for Arrakis (1997) (Eclipse) [CD version] (v1.32 only)
F10129 Dungeon, The (1993) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10307 Ego: Repton 4 (1992) (Superior Software)
F10140 E-Type (1989) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10153 Fine Racer (1991) (Eterna)
F10154 Fire & Ice (1995) (Warner Interactive Entertainment)
F10157 Fireball II (1990) (Cambridge International Software)
F10158 Fish! (1988) (Rainbird)
F10159 Flashback (1994) (U.S. Gold)
F10167 Freddy's Folly (1988) (Minerva)
F10170 Galactic Dan (1992) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10592 Games Minipack Five: Fireball II (1990) (Cambridge International Software)
F10592 Games Minipack Five: PON! (1990) (Cambridge International Software)
F10172 Gods (1992) (Krisalis Software)
F10179 Gribbly's Day Out (1992) (Coin-Age)
F10178 Grievous Bodily 'ARM [HD version] (2002) (CJE Micros)
F10188 Heimdall (1993) (Krisalis Software)
F10192 Hero Quest (1991) (Krisalis Software)
F10199 Holed Out!! (1989) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10202 HoverBod (1988) (Minerva)
F10204 Ibix the Viking (1989) (Minerva)
F10408 Inferno (1996) (Paradise Games)
F10210 Jahangir Khan World Championship Squash (1991) (Krisalis Software)
F10211 James Pond (1990) (Krisalis Software)
F10590 James Pond [BUZZ version] (1990) (Krisalis Software)
F10212 James Pond II Robocod (1993) (Eclipse)
F10525 James Pond II+ Robocod (1995) (Eclipse)
F10213 Jet Fighter (1988) (Minerva)
F10484 Krisalis Collection, The: Mad Professor Mariarti [BUZZ version] (1991) (Krisalis Software)
F10484 Krisalis Collection, The: Pipe Mania (1993) (Krisalis Software)
F10484 Krisalis Collection, The: Revelation! [BUZZ version] (1993) (Krisalis Software)
F10484 Krisalis Collection, The: Terramex (1993) (Krisalis Software)
F10223 Last Ninja, The (1992) (Superior Software)
F10225 Legend of the Lost Temple, The (1992) (Eterna)
F10277 Lemmings (1991) (Krisalis Software)
F10469 Lemmings [Learning Curve version] (1991) (Krisalis Software)
F10228 Lemmings 2: The Tribes (1994) (Krisalis Software)
F10232 Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 (1992) (Krisalis Software)
F10235 Maddingly Hall (1989) (Minerva)
F10233 Mad Professor Mariarti (1990) (Krisalis Software)
F10593 Mad Professor Mariarti [BUZZ version] (1991) (Krisalis Software)
F10236 Magic Pockets (1993) (Renegade)
F10241 Man at Arms (1990) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10242 Manchester United (1990) (Krisalis Software)
F10491 Manchester United Europe (1991) (Krisalis Software)
F10250 MiG-29 Fulcrum (1991) (Domark)
F10251 Minotaur (1987) (Minerva)
F10253 Missile Control (1988) (Minerva)
F10258 Mr Doo (1994) (Archimedes World)
F10260 Nebulus (1992) (Krisalis Software)
F10261 Nevryon (1990) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10263 No Excuses (1991) (Arcana Software)
F10267 Oh, No! More Lemmings (1992) (Krisalis Software)
F10270 Orion (1988) (Minerva)
F10271 Overload (1989) (Clares Micro Supplies)
F10507 Pac-mania (1989) (Grandslam Entertainments)
F10447 Pac-mania [Learning Curve version] (1991) (Domark)
F10274 Pandora's Box (1991) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10278 Pesky Muskrats (1992) (Coin-Age)
F10281 Pipe Mania (1989) (Krisalis Software)
F10485 Play It Again Sam 1: Conqueror (1992) (Superior Software)
F10282 Poizone (1991) (Eterna)
F10385 Populous (1992) (Krisalis Software)
F10290 Pysanki (1990) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10298 Quest For Gold
F10480 Quest For Gold [Learning Curve version] (1992) (Krisalis Software)
F10303 RedShift (1990) (Minerva)
F10306 Repton 3 (1988) (Superior Software)
F10308 Revelation! (1992) (Krisalis Software)
F10595 Revelation! [BUZZ version] (1993) (Krisalis Software)
F10309 Revolver () (Psycore)
F10310 Rick Dangerous (1995) (The Hitmen Software)
F10312 Rise in Crime (1988) (Robico Software)
F10315 Rockfall (1991) (Eterna)
F10316 Rotor (1989) (Arcana Software)
F10326 Sensible Soccer (1993) (Renegade)
F10327 Serpents (1993) (Cambridge International Software)
F10456 Slappit (1990) (RTFM Software)
F10338 SpeedBall 2 (1994) (Krisalis Software)
F10339 Spheres of Chaos (1992) (Matt Black)
F10343 Sporting Triangles (1990) (CDS Software) (needs slowing down)
F10348 StarTrader (1989) (Gem Electronics)
F10350 Stranded! (1989) (Robico Software)
F10359 S.W.I.V. (1992) (Krisalis Software)
F10566 S.W.I.V. [BUZZ version] (1993) (Krisalis Software)
F10361 Tactic (1996) (Uffenkamp Computer Systeme)
F10362 Talisman (1989) (Minerva)
F10366 Terramex (1988) (Grandslam Entertainments)
F10367 Thundermonk (1989) (Minerva)
F10371 Tower of Babel (1991) (Cygnus Software)
F10378 Warlocks (1993) (Network 23)
F10381 White Magic (1989) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10388 Wolfenstein 3D (1994) (Powerslave Software)
F10389 Wonderland (1991) (Virgin Mastertronic)
F10393 World Class Leaderboard (1988) (Krisalis Software) (needs slowing down)
F10396 Xenon 2: Megablast (1993) (Eclipse)
F10402 Zarch (1987) (Superior Software)
F10403 Zelanites - The Onslaught (1991) (MicroPower)

Changes since 2.55:
  • Channel handler now restores the IRQ state around calls to level 1 handlers (fixes Dune II intro)
  • EventV handler now claims the event and changing the stereo position is no longer handled via a CallBack
  • JIT CLib kernel_swi / kernel_swi_c now reports if *in is a NULL dereference (bug in Birds of War)
  • JIT OS_HeapSort hypervised (fixes Birds of War)
  • DTT2QTM shim updated to support PlayNote (fixes Birds of War SFX)
  • JIT OS_ChangeEnvironment 0 / 14, OS_SetEnv and OS_GetEnv now set and return the correct value for RAM limit (fixes Wonderland)
  • JIT SWI passes thru SWI's for other OS's (fixes Rick Dangerous TrkDriver Module)
  • JIT no longer checks 26bit SWI blocks for validity (fixes Rick Dangerous TrkDriver Module)
  • JIT OS_Module Free now checks if the passed block is valid (fixes Rick Dangerous TrkDriver Module)
  • JIT OS_RemoveTickerEvent no longer reports tickers that don't exist
  • Now identifies DOS (.IMG) and Atari (.ST) disc images
  • MiscOp_PollChanged now sets "disc is HD" for 1440KB DOS images
  • ADFFS Filer now recognizes DOS/Atari formats
  • ADFFS Filer accepts DOSDisc (FC8) files being dragged to it
(776.2 KiB) Downloaded 115 times
NOTE: You must have !SparkFS loaded and use "Boot floppy" to run a game. If you don't, you could end up with a machine that isn't bootable, as some games try to alter the CMOS. Provided "Boot floppy" is used, ADFFS will prevent games from altering both the CMOS and unplugging modules.
DO NOT try to run a game by launching it's Icon - it will almost certainly damage your machine.
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