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ADFFS 2.50 beta

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Pac-mania music is now corrected on the Pi and No Excuses and Rockfall no longer randomly crash. The Arc/A3000 Christmas Box: Zap the Red Weirdos from Mars, Bubble Fair, Fire & Ice, Fish!, The Legend of the Lost Temple, Lotus Turbo Challenge 2, Maddingly Hall, Nebulus, Poizone, Rotor all work on the Pi. A big thanks goes to Steve Harrison for coding the QTM shim Module for the Eterna titles at really short notice and @Vanfanel and @ringdings for many hours of testing.

There's been extensive underlying changes since 2.47, page zero read/writes are now translated which has highlighted lots of bugs in games, as a result many existing game bugs are now fixed by ADFFS on-the-fly, including programming bugs and inadvertent page zero access - around 50 bugs in total, but we may not have found them all. Should you see an ADFFS abort screen showing an unhandled read/write in page zero, please report the address and info on how to reproduce the bug so it can be looked into.

Pi requirements:
  • RISC OS 5.21 RC14 or newer. ZeroPain builds (5.23) are not currently supported
  • AnyMode must be installed in !Boot.Choices.Boot.PreDesk or the monitor set to Auto in Configure
  • Ensure fake_vsync_isr=1 is uncommented in !Boot.Loader.CONFIG/TXT
  • SparkFS must be loaded
  • (optional) For the proper retro gaming look, you can turn off the default GPU filtered upscaling by editing !Boot.Loader.CONFIG/TXT and add the following lines:

    Code: Select all

    #set GPU upscaling to nearest neighbour
  • (optional) If your display supports 50Hz, you can force the Pi to use 50Hz by editing !Boot.Loader.CONFIG/TXT and adding the following lines. Uncomment one of the hdmi_mode values:

    Code: Select all

    #576p @ 50Hz
    #720p @ 50Hz
    #1080p @ 50Hz
    At other monitor frequencies, games will still run at the correct rate but micro stutter may be noticeable where extra frames are added to make up the difference

RiscPC requirements:
  • 32mb minimum of RAM, slightly more for StrongARM based machines
  • RISCOS 3.71, 3.80 or 5.21. Many games will fail under RISCOS 4.x due to the way it allocates screen memory
  • SparkFS must be loaded

Changes since 2.47
  • See Changelog in the !ADFFS directory

Known issues
  • Doesn't support the protection used by Chequered Flag (non-RO3 version), Fine Racer and KerBang! (they talk directly to the FDC via IOC)
  • Shelling out of the desktop (Ctrl-Shift-F12 twice) hangs if an HD floppy is mounted on RO3.5+ ARM710 under RedSquirrel
  • Although Caverns runs fine under VIDC translation on the A7000, on a RPC and Pi the scrolling isn't quite correct
  • Does not work on a RISC OS 3.1x machine with more than 12mb of RAM
  • RO5.x IOMD doesn't support direct access to VIDC1, VIDC20 or IOC
  • Some games don't display on Kinetic (eg Zarch)
  • No 26-bit module support on 32bit OS's
  • Requires 30mb of free memory to work on a StrongARM machine, if the game isn't natively StrongARM compatible
  • Does not work on Iyonix
  • OMAP3/4 untested and may not work
  • Sometimes reports "Broken directory" after loading (exiting and reloading is a temporary fix)
  • Can't change discs in Apocalypse on RO4
  • ADFFS doesn't reset itself after the JIT is shutdown when a game quits (quit and reload ADFFS before trying to Boot another game)
  • The blitter doesn't currently support hardware pointers, so the ship and highscore will not be visible in Caverns on the Pi
  • On the Lemmings title screen, the mouse cursor corrupts as it goes off the left of the screen
  • Caverns doesn't display correctly
  • Krisalis Collection, The: Terramex hangs on the option screen
  • Missile Control the logo is too large and covers your score
  • Thundermonk fire doesn't appear on the Pi
  • The cursor is visible on the screen in Bubble Fair
  • The JIT doesn't currently work on physical StrongARM, ARM610/710 so many of the games detailed below wont work on these CPU's
Games that are made StrongARM/Pi compatible with this version:
10001 2067BC
1049304 The Arc/A3000 Chritmas Box: Zap the Red Weirdos from Mars
10034 Axis
10036 Ballarena
10038 Battle Chess
10049 BlowPipe
10452 Bouncer
10057 Bubble Fair
10065 Cannon Fodder
10072 Caverns (requires hardware pointer support to work correctly)
10081 Chuck Rock
10090 Conqueror
10307 Ego: Repton 4
10158 Fish!
10167 Freddy's Folly
10172 Gods
10188 Heimdall
10202 HoverBod (needs slowing down)
10204 Ibix The Viking (needs slowing down)
10210 Jahangir Khan World Championship Squash
10211 James Pond
10590 James Pond [BUZZ version]
10213 Jet Fighter
10484 Krisalis Collection, The: Mad Professor Mariarti [BUZZ version]
10484 Krisalis Collection, The: Revelation! [BUZZ version]
10484 Krisalis Collection, The: Terramex
10225 The Legend of the Lost Temple
10277 Lemmings
10469 Lemmings [Learning Curve version]
10232 Lotus Turbo Challenge 2
10235 Maddingly Hall
10233 Mad Professor Mariarti
10593 Mad Professor Mariarti [BUZZ version]
10236 Magic Pockets
10253 Missile Control
10258 Mr Doo
10260 Nebulus
10263 No Excuses
10270 Orion
10507 Pac-mania
10447 Pac-mania [Learning Curve version]
10275 Paradroid 2000 (sound effects aren't correct on StrongARM)
10282 Poizone
10385 Populous
10298 Quest For Gold
10480 Quest For Gold [Learning Curve version]
10308 Revelation!
10595 Revelation! [BUZZ version]
10309 Revolver
10315 Rockfall
10316 Rotor
10456 Slappit
10343 Sporting Triangles (needs slowing down)
10359 S.W.I.V.
10566 S.W.I.V. [BUZZ version]
10361 Tactic (UCS)
10366 Terramex
10367 Thundermonk (fire doesn't appear on the Pi)
10393 World Class Leaderboard (needs slowing down)
10396 Xenon 2: Megablast
10402 Zarch

NOTE: You must have !SparkFS loaded and use "Boot floppy" to run a game. If you don't, you could end up with a machine that isn't bootable, as some games try to alter the CMOS. Provided "Boot floppy" is used, ADFFS will prevent games from altering both the CMOS and unplugging modules.
DO NOT try to run a game by launching it's Icon - it will almost certainly damage your machine.
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