Birds of War original

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Birds of War original

Post by Trapper » Sat Oct 14, 2017 2:51 am

Hi Jon,

The only version of Birds of War I own is the original retail set from 4D. I assume that I could image each disc and try to sort a naming convention out (there are six discs!) so when it asks for !BoW_Sound I know that's disc 3 etc.

How can I run it from HDD using ADDFS? This is to give StrongARM and RISC OS 4.02 support. I believe I've also tried it with RISC OS 3.70 and ARM610 and it failed.



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Re: Birds of War original

Post by JonAbbott » Sat Oct 14, 2017 3:51 am

I think the original can be HD installed, you need to copy all the disks into a directory. ADFFS contains a boot script for it (which might even contain HD install instructions), just overwrite !Run with it, comment out the first few lines that redirect to the floppy and add an ADFMount to mount disc 1 if you've imaged it, or just leave the floppy inserted if not.

I've not tested on RO4, but I'd suspect it may not work, 3.70 should be okay. When I originally developed the boot script for it, it was done on a RO3.71 SA RiscPC so bugs aside, should run.

Compatibility wise, ADFFS on a Pi running RO5.23 is the closest you'll get to an original Arc. ADFFS on RO3.71 is slightly less compatible - it doesn't correct video timing as well or provide a 50Hz frame rate for example.

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