Starfighter 3000 and ADFFS

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Re: Starfighter 3000 and ADFFS

Post by JonAbbott »

arkiruthis wrote:
Mon Nov 08, 2021 11:13 pm
I don't suppose it's possible to turn an SCP or an HFE into a ADFFS format?
I've not looked at supporting HFE as a standard hasn't been defined yet. My understanding is that its a flux image, similar to IPF, which once converted to a bitstream could be fed into ADFFS' 1772 emulator as its loaded, in the same way APD images are read.
arkiruthis wrote:
Mon Nov 08, 2021 11:13 pm
I suppose I could try using ADFFS now to image the Gotek image?
You're better off using HFE images with the Gotek, unless you're planning on taking the images across to a modern RISC OS machine, such as a Pi.

I'm still not sure why you couldn't image disc 1, as on paper it should "just work" using the ADFFS JFD imager.

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Re: Starfighter 3000 and ADFFS

Post by arkiruthis »

Thanks Jon. Yes I'm putting this down to some oddity with the Floppy Drive on this A3020. I tried using the GreaseWeazle with both the A3020 Floppy (Citizen, I think), and the Amiga 1200 Floppy. Only the Amiga 1200 drive imaged outputs seemed to work correctly which makes me think it's the drive.

I'll maybe take it apart and give it a clean. Check and maybe re-grease the axels and the shaft mechanism a bit. Or look for a replacement drive.

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