How to image a protected floppy

Discuss using Kryoflux to image floppies
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How to image a protected floppy

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You'll need the following utilities:
  1. Bulk Rename Utility
  2. KRYO2APD (which needs to be placed in the KryFlux DTC folder)
  3. Java Runtime
You also need to have previously created the Acorn E 800K Image Profile

Image the floppy:
  1. Run kryoflux-ui
  2. Select <Multiple> in the Selected outputs... drop down box
  3. Hold CTRL, select KryoFlux stream files (format guided) and Acorn E 800K, then press OK
    Imaging2.png (12.67 KiB) Viewed 15998 times
  4. Enter "track" in the Enter name... box
  5. Insert your floppy and click Start
    Note the protection sector on Track 79, Side 1
    Note the protection sector on Track 79, Side 1
    Imaging3.png (12.97 KiB) Viewed 15998 times
Rename and move the files with Bulk Rename Utility:
Imaging1.png (30.41 KiB) Viewed 15998 times
  1. Enter "track.raw*" in the Filters Mask and then browse to your DTC folder
  2. Click on the Folder icon in Copy/Move to Location (13), browse to your DTC folder, create a subfolder for the image files and select it
  3. Ensure "Copy not Move" is unticked
  4. Enter ".raw" in the Replace (3) Replace box
  5. Select all the files and click Rename
Creating the APD file:
  1. Open a Command Prompt at the DTC folder (browse to the folder above, hold SHIFT, right click on the DTC folder and select Open command window here
  2. Convert to an APD via: java -jar kryo2apd.jar -f "<folder name>"
    APD.png (4.16 KiB) Viewed 16001 times
You should now have an APD file, with the same name as the folder in your DTC folder. Try this with Arculator or ADFFS, if its not working, try converting again without the "-f" option. "-f" excludes FM sectors from the disk, very few games used FM sectors in their protection (Zarch and Conqueror are two examples that do)

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