Missile Control (1988) (Minerva)

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Missile Control (1988) (Minerva)

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Image Missile Control (1988) (Minerva)

ID: 10253
Version: Unknown
Developer: Richard Hayton
Genre: Arcade; Action
RAM: 1024

CPU compatibility: ARM2 ARM250 ARM3 ARM610 ARM700 ARM710 ARM7500 StrongARM ARMv5+
OS compatibility: 3.11 3.5x 3.6x 3.7x 4.x 5.x

Legal info: Distribution rights granted to JASPP by Minerva

Download full archive: https://forums.jaspp.org.uk/release/ZIP.png[/img] (1.6mb)

Download individual floppies: Image

Game info
To run the game use "Boot floppy" from the ADFFS Filer.

You are in command of the missile launches and must do your utmost to protect your cities from incoming missiles. To do this you shoot them down with your missiles by positioning your cross beneath an enemy missile and firing. The shot from any one of your three missile bases will then detonate and, hopefully, destroy the enemy. On the second attack further planes and satellites fly across dropping more missiles, unless destroyed. In a later attack 'smart' missiles also appear which are able to avoid your explosions.

Image Image

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