Lemmings 2: The Tribes (1994) (Krisalis Software)

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Lemmings 2: The Tribes (1994) (Krisalis Software)

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Image Lemmings 2: The Tribes (1994) (Krisalis Software)

ID: 10228
Version: Unknown
Developer: DMA Design; Shaun Hollingworth (conversion); Jason Butler (conversion)
Genre: Puzzle
RAM: 2048 minimum, 4096 preferred

CPU compatibility: ARM2 ARM250 ARM3 ARM610 ARM700 ARM710 ARM7500 StrongARM ARMv5+
OS compatibility: 3.11 3.5x 3.6x 3.7x 4.x 5.x

Legal info: Distribution rights held by JASPP

Download full archive: Image (9.9mb)

Download individual floppies: ImageImageImageImage

Note: Disc 4 is a separate intro and is not required to play the game.

Game info
To run the game use "Boot floppy" from the ADFFS Filer.
To run the intro, insert disc 4 and use "Boot floppy" from the ADFFS Filer.

The sensational sequel to the most talked about computer game in the entire history of the world!

Guide 12 Tribes of Lemmings across Lemming Island on an incredible Journey.

The Lemmings are in trouble and only their ancient talisman and a huge amount of skills can save them in this long-awaited follow-up to the Lemmings Saga.

Meet the Highland Lemmings, Space Lemmings, Beach-Bum Lemmings, Circus Lemmings and many, many more on a quest to save their island...

Image Image

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