Mad Professor Mariarti (1990) (Krisalis Software)

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Mad Professor Mariarti (1990) (Krisalis Software)

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Image Mad Professor Mariarti (1990) (Krisalis Software)

ID: 10233
Version: Unknown
Developer: Shaun Hollingworth; Matt Furniss; Dave Colledge (graphics)
Genre: Platformer
RAM: 1024

CPU compatibility: ARM2 ARM250 ARM3 ARM610 ARM700 ARM710 ARM7500 StrongARM ARMv5+
OS compatibility: 3.11 3.5x 3.6x 3.7x 4.x 5.x

Legal info: Distribution rights held by JASPP

Download full archive: Image (3mb)

Download individual floppies: Image

Game info
To run the game use "Boot floppy" from the ADFFS Filer.

With your help Professor Mariarti must close down his five laboratories: Chemical Research, Space Rocket Development, Computer Science, Biological Observations and the Mystery Laboratory. You must solve strange puzzles and avoid mutant monsters playing through over 100 screens in your quest to save his sanity.
You will be nuts about this game. Its addictiveness will drive you mad, the puzzles will perples you, your arcade skills will be stretched and it's funny too.
Killer ROM chips and typewriter ribbons which coil like snakes are among your adverseries in this quest. The hero's mad too but not half as mad as you will be if you don't buy it.

Image Image Image

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