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Joystick Support

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Games known to support Joystick(s) are detailed below, along with the interfaces they support directly.

NOTE: The interfaces a game supports in its code and what the documentation or game say they support aren't necessarily the same. Some games are written for the Acorn interface exclusively and rely on translation Modules to support other interfaces. Inferno for example only talks to the RTFM and Acorn interfaces, but provides Serial Port/Vertical Twist support via the VTi translation Module.

Technically, any game that supports the Acorn interface could be said to support Serial Port/Vertical Twist with their translation Module, the same goes for a few other Joystick interfaces. It's for this reason this list only details interfaces games talk to directly and does not include Joystick interfaces supported via translation - even if the game or its manual specifies they're supported.

A - Acorn Joystick interface
B - Bogeysticks
J - Krysalis JoyMod / RTFM Joystick Module (ie RTFM)
M - Magnetic Image
P - Eclipse PowerPad
R - RTFM direct to the Econet port
S - Serial Port/Vertical Twist
T - Arm_Tech
V - Voltmace Delta-Cat Joystick Mouse Eliminator

Games that support Joystick(s)
F10026 Arcturus (1994) (Oregan Developments) - A
F10493 Arc/A3000 Christmas Box, The: PON! in Winterland (1990) (RTFM Software) - R (press J on main menu to enable)
F10493 Arc/A3000 Christmas Box, The: Zap the red wierdos from Mars (1990) (RTFM Software) - R
F10033 Asylum (1993) (Digital Psychosis) - A
F10034 Axis (1993) (TBA Software) - A; J
F10044 Blaston (1994) (Uffenkamp Computer Systeme) - R
F10640 Blaston (1991) (Eterna) - R
F10049 BlowPipe (1990) (Eclipse) - S
F10452 Bouncer (1991) (RTFM Software) - R
F10055 Botkiller2 (1999) (Artex Software) - A
F10443 Brutal Horse Power (1997) (TBA Software) - A
F10057 Bubble Fair (1991) (Eterna) - R; P
F10062 Burn 'Out (1995) (Oregan Developments) - A; R
F10022 Cartoon Line part one (1993) (Uffenkamp Computer Systeme) - A
F10195 Cartoon Line part one (1991) (Eterna) - R
F10490 Champions: Jahangir Khan World Championship Squash (1992) (Krisalis Software) - J; S
F10081 Chuck Rock (1991) (Krisalis Software) - J; R
F10096 Crystal Maze, The (1993) (Sherston Software) - A
F10462 Deadline (1996) (Network 23) - A
F10125 Drifter (1997) (The Fourth Dimension) - A
F10608 Drifter [SA version] (2000) (The Fourth Dimension) - A
F10127 Drop Ship (1990) (The Fourth Dimension) - V? (Go into Control Options and select Joystick) (Doesn't call any Joystick interface)
F10601 Drop Ship [SA version] (1997) (The Fourth Dimension) - V? (Go into Control Options and select Joystick) (Doesn't call any Joystick interface)
F10307 Ego: Repton 4 (1992) (Superior Software) - A
F10132 Empire Soccer 94 (1995) (Empire Software) - A
F10134 Enter The Realm (1991) (The Fourth Dimension) - R
F10457 Enter The Realm [SA version] (1992) (The Fourth Dimension) - R
F10151 Fervour (1992) (Clares Micro Supplies) - A; J; S
F10154 Fire & Ice (1995) (Warner Interactive Entertainment) - A; J
F10166 F.R.E.D. (1993) (Software 42) - A
F10631 Formula Fun (1993) (Mystery Software) - A
F10592 Games Minipack Five: PON! (1990) (Cambridge International Software) - R (press J on main menu to enable)
F10172 Gods (1992) (Krisalis Software) - A
F10545 Gods [RPC version] (2001) (R-Comp Interactive) - A
F10179 Gribbly's Day Out (1992) (Coin-Age) - A
F10188 Heimdall (1993) (Krisalis Software) - A; J; S
F10197 High Risc Racing (1995) (Modus Software) - A
F10408 Inferno (1996) (Paradise Games) - A; R
F10210 Jahangir Khan World Championship Squash (1991) (Krisalis Software) - J; S
F10649 Jahangir Khan World Championship Squash [BUZZ version] (1991) (Krisalis Software) - J; S
F10211 James Pond (1990) (Krisalis Software) - J; S
F10590 James Pond [BUZZ version] (1990) (Krisalis Software) - J; S
F10212 James Pond II Robocod (1993) (Eclipse) - A
F10525 James Pond II+ Robocod (1995) (Eclipse) - A
F10484 Krisalis Collection, The: Mad Professor Mariarti [BUZZ version] (1991) (Krisalis Software) - J (get into a level and press CTRL-D, then press M to enable)
F10484 Krisalis Collection, The: Revelation! [BUZZ version] (1993) (Krisalis Software) - A; J; S (press F1 when on the Revelation! title screen to choose the control method, then F1 again to select Joystick)
F10484 Krisalis Collection, The: Terramex (1993) (Krisalis Software) - J; S
F10217 K.V. (1993) (High Risc Software Developments) - A; T
F10225 Legend of the Lost Temple, The (1992) (Eterna) - R (select Joystick 2 for RTFM Joystick)
F10229 Logic Mania: Atomix (1996) (The Fourth Dimension) - A; R
F10229 Logic Mania: Gloop (1996) (The Fourth Dimension) - A (checks for Joystick Module)
F10229 Logic Mania: Tilt (1996) (The Fourth Dimension) - A
F10232 Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 (1992) (Krisalis Software) - A; J; S
F10233 Mad Professor Mariarti (1990) (Krisalis Software) - B; J (get into a level and press CTRL-D, then press M to enable)
F10593 Mad Professor Mariarti [BUZZ version] (1991) (Krisalis Software) - B; J (get into a level and press CTRL-D, then press M to enable)
F10236 Magic Pockets (1993) (Renegade) - A
F10238 Magnetoids (1994) (Oregan Developments) - A; R
F10241 Man at Arms (1990) (The Fourth Dimension) - V? (Select Joystick on controls) (Doesn't call any Joystick interface)
F10242 Manchester United (1990) (Krisalis Software) - B; J; V (go into Disk Options, then the Football with ? over it and select DEFINE KEYS FOR JOYSTICK, press M to enable)
F10491 Manchester United Europe (1991) (Krisalis Software) - J; S (click on the ? and switch player 1 controls to Serial Port or RTFM)
F10260 Nebulus (1992) (Krisalis Software) - A; J; S
F10261 Nevryon (1990) (The Fourth Dimension) - R; V (Joystick doesn't appear to work)
F10613 Nevryon [SA version] (2001) (The Fourth Dimension) - R; V (Joystick doesn't appear to work)
F10272 Overload (2000) (Paradise Games) - A; R
F10447 Pac-mania [Learning Curve version] (1991) (Domark) - J (press SHIFT-D to define the keys, redefine the keys and select Yes when asked for RTFM Module support)
F10275 Paradroid 2000 (1993) (Coin-Age) - A
F10279 Phaethon (1993) (System Interrupt) - A
F10282 Poizone (1991) (Eterna) - R
F10283 PON! (1990) (RTFM Software) - R (press J on main menu to enable)
F10298 Quest For Gold (1992) (Krisalis Software) - A
F10480 Quest For Gold [Learning Curve version] (1992) (Krisalis Software) - A
F10308 Revelation! (1992) (Krisalis Software) - A; J; S (press F1 when on the Revelation! title screen to choose the control method, then F1 again to select Joystick)
F10595 Revelation! [BUZZ version] (1993) (Krisalis Software) - A; J; S (press F1 when on the Revelation! title screen to choose the control method, then F1 again to select Joystick)
F10315 Rockfall (1991) (Eterna) - R
F10459 Sally and Wally (1995) (Oregan Developments) - A; J
F10318 Saloon Cars (1991) (The Fourth Dimension) - R (select Control Menu, then Mouse Mode and select RTFM) (Joystick doesn't appear to work)
F10319 Saloon Cars Deluxe (1992) (The Fourth Dimension) - R (select Control Menu, then Mouse Mode and select RTFM) (Joystick doesn't appear to work)
F10326 Sensible Soccer (1993) (Renegade) - A
F10456 Slappit (1990) (RTFM Software) - R
F10334 Small (1993) (Virgo Software) - A
F10338 SpeedBall 2 (1994) (Krisalis Software) - A; J; S
F10339 Spheres of Chaos (1992) (Matt Black) - A; J; M
F10341 Spobbleoid (1994) (Cybernation Entertainment Systems) - A
F10342 Spobbleoid Fantasy (1994) (Cybernation Entertainment Systems) - A
F10351 Stunt Racer 2000 (1993) (The Fourth Dimension) - A; J; R
F10445 Stunt Racer 2000 [SA version] (1997) (The Fourth Dimension) - A; J; R
F10359 S.W.I.V. (1992) (Krisalis Software) - A
F10566 S.W.I.V. [BUZZ version] (1993) (Krisalis Software) - A
F10629 Tactic (1990) (Eterna) - R
F10361 Tactic (1996) (Uffenkamp Computer Systeme) - A
F10364 Technodream (1993) (Superior Software) - A; R
F10370 Top Banana (1988) (Hex) - R
F10374 Twinworld (1990) (Cygnus Software) - R
F10589 Twinworld [32bit version] (2012) (Cygnus Software) - A
F10375 UIM (1990) (The Fourth Dimension) - V
F10380 WaveLength (1994) (GamesWare) - A; P
F10388 Wolfenstein 3D (1994) (Powerslave Software) - A
F10474 Wolfenstein 3D [RISC User Cover version] (1994) (Powerslave Software) - A
F10396 Xenon 2: Megablast (1993) (Eclipse) - A
F10397 X-Fire (1992) (The Fourth Dimension) - R
F10030 Zodiac - Aries: BlowPipe (1994) (GamesWare) - S
F10404 Zool - Ninja of the 'Nth' Dimension (1993) (Gremlin Graphics) - A; R
F10573 Zool - Ninja of the 'Nth' Dimension [32bit version] (2002) (Gremlin Graphics) - A; R

Games that do NOT support Joystick(s)
F10001 2067 BC (1993) (Oregan Developments)
F10003 Abuse (1998) (R-Comp Interactive)
F10006 Aggressor (1992) (Atomic Software)
F10007 Air Supremacy (1991) (Superior Software)
F10009 Aldebaran (1993) (Evolution Trading)
F10010 Alerion (1988) (DABS Press)
F10015 Alone In the Dark (1995) (Krisalis Software)
F10017 Apocalypse (1990) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10018 Arcade 3 (1988) (Clares Micro Supplies)
F10019 Arcade Soccer (1989) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10493 Arc/A3000 Christmas Box, The: Brixx! (1990) (RTFM Software)
F10024 ArcPinball (1990) (Shibumi Soft)
F10036 Ballarena (1994) (Uffenkamp Computer Systeme)
F10231 Ballarena (1990) (Sisteme)
F10037 Bambuzle (1991) (Arxe Systems)
F10038 Battle Chess (1993) (Krisalis Software)
F10039 Battle Tank (1990) (Minerva)
F10041 Big Bang (1996) (Psycore)
F10042 Birds of War (1993) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10043 Black Angel (1992) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10046 Blitz! (1991) (Arxe Systems)
F10048 Blood Sport (1993) (Matt Black)
F10047 BloodLust (1998) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10052 Bobby Blockhead vs The Dark Planet (1991) (Atomic Software)
F10053 Boogie Buggy (1991) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10054 Botkiller (1995) (Artex Software)
F10056 Break 147 & Superpool (1991) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10058 Bubble Impact (1997) (Moving Pixels)
F10059 Bug Hunter & Moondash (1990) (Minerva)
F10060 Bug Hunter in Space (1990) (Minerva)
F10065 Cannon Fodder (1994) (Krisalis Software)
F10067 Carnage Inc. (1993) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10355 Cascade (1992) (Milo Shaffer and Richard Norman)
F10071 Cataclysm (1991) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10482 Cataclysm [SA version] (1998) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10072 Caverns (1991) (Minerva)
F10490 Champions: Manchester United (1992) (Krisalis Software)
F10490 Champions: World Class Leaderboard (1992) (Krisalis Software)
F10074 Chaos Engine, The (2000) (R-Comp Interactive)
F10075 Chequered Flag (1991) (Cambridge International Software)
F10624 Chequered Flag [RO3 version] (1992) (Cambridge International Software)
F10078 Chocks Away (1990) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10454 Chocks Away Compendium (1991) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10606 Chocks Away Compendium [SA version] (2000) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10080 Chopper Force (1992) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10083 Cobalt Seed, The (1995) (TBA Software)
F10089 Confusion (1989) (Cambridge International Software)
F10088 Command Ship (1995) (TBA Software)
F10090 Conqueror (1988) (Superior Software)
F10099 Cyber Ape (1995) (TBA Software)
F10103 Cycloids (1993) (Software 42)
F10104 DarkWood (1995) (Eclipse)
F10109 Deeva (1990) (Calderglen Computers)
F10115 Diggers (1994) (Millennium Interactive)
F10117 DinoSaw (1993) (Five Star Marketing)
F10118 Dominate (1991) (RTFM Software)
F10128 Dune II - Battle for Arrakis (1995) (Eclipse)
F10535 Dune II - Battle for Arrakis [CD version] (1996) (Eclipse)
F10129 Dungeon, The (1993) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10130 Elite (1991) (Hybrid Technology)
F10645 Elite (1999) (Ian Bell)
F10488 Elite Gold Edition (1991) (Hybrid Technology)
F10638 Elite [32bit version] (2014) (JASPP)
F10140 E-Type (1989) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10141 E-Type II (1994) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10146 Exotic Adventures of Sylvia Layne, The (1993) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10153 Fine Racer (1991) (Eterna)
F10157 Fireball II (1990) (Cambridge International Software)
F10159 Flashback (1994) (U.S. Gold)
F10532 Flashback [HD version] (1994) (U.S. Gold)
F10163 Flying High: Euroblaster (1997) (GEK)
F10163 Flying High: Joust (1997) (GEK)
F10164 Formula Two Thousand (1994) (TBA Software)
F10165 Frak! (1998) (R-Comp Interactive)
F10167 Freddy's Folly (1988) (Minerva)
F10170 Galactic Dan (1992) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10556 Games Minipack Four: Confusion (1989) (Cambridge International Software)
F10556 Games Minipack Four: Orion (1988) (Minerva)
F10592 Games Minipack Five: Fireball II (1990) (Cambridge International Software)
F10178 Grievous Bodily 'ARM [hd version] (1991) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10245 Grievous Bodily 'ARM (1992) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10180 Groundhog (1998) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10183 Guile (1992) (Dream)
F10192 HeroQuest (1991) (Krisalis Software)
F10199 Holed Out!! (1989) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10201 Hostages (1990) (Superior Software)
F10202 Hoverbod (1988) (Minerva)
F10565 Humanoids and Robotix (1993) (Cambridge International Software)
F10204 Ibix the Viking (1989) (Minerva)
F10205 Inertia (1990) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10206 Interdictor (1989) (Clares Micro Supplies)
F10207 Interdictor II (1990) (Clares Micro Supplies)
F10208 Iron Lord (1990) (UBI Soft)
F10633 James Pond Underwater Agent and Running Water (1995) (SkillsWare)
F10213 Jet Fighter (1988) (Minerva)
F10218 Kaptain Konflict (1990) (Calderglen Computers)
F10220 KerBang! (1991) (Eterna)
F10484 Krisalis Collection, The: Pipe Mania (1993) (Krisalis Software)
F10221 Labyrinth (2000) (Acornsoft)
F10223 Last Ninja, The (1992) (Superior Software)
F10227 Lemmings (1991) (Krisalis Software)
F10469 Lemmings [Learning Curve version] (1991) (Krisalis Software)
F10228 Lemmings 2: The Tribes (1994) (Krisalis Software)
F10229 Logic Mania: Blindfold (1996) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10247 MicroDrive (1990) (Cambridge International Software)
F10248 MicroDrive World Edition (1991) (Cambridge International Software)
F10620 MicroDrive 32M (2017) (JASPP)
F10250 MiG-29 Fulcrum (1991) (Domark)
F10409 MiG-29M Super Fulcrum (1991) (Domark)
F10251 Minotaur (1987) (Minerva)
F10252 Mirror Image (1996) (TBA Software)
F10253 Missile Control (1988) (Minerva)
F10256 Morph (1998) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10258 Mr Doo (1994) (Archimedes World)
F10263 No Excuses (1991) (Arcana Software)
F10266 OddBall (1995) (Digital Psychosis)
F10267 Oh, No! More Lemmings (1992) (Krisalis Software)
F10268 Olympics, The (1990) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10270 Orion (1988) (Minerva)
F10271 Overload (1989) (Clares Micro Supplies)
F10507 Pac-mania (1989) (Grandslam Entertainments)
F10274 Pandora's Box (1991) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10478 Pandora's Box [SA version] (1998) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10278 Pesky Muskrats (1992) (Coin-Age)
F10281 Pipe Mania (1989) (Krisalis Software)
F10599 Pipe Mania [RPC version] (2001) (Krisalis Software)
F10285 Populous (1992) (Krisalis Software)
F10286 PowerBand [v1.0] (1990) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10619 PowerBand [v2.0] (1990) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10600 PowerBand [SA version] (1998) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10292 Put It! (1991) (Uffenkamp Computer Systeme)
F10290 Pysanki (1990) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10296 Quark (1993) (Oregan Developments)
F10297 Quazer (1988) (Impact Software)
F10301 Ravenskull (1997) (ProAction)
F10302 Raw Power (1993) (Software 42)
F10303 Redshift (1990) (Minerva)
F10475 Rekall (1990) (RTFM Software)
F10306 Repton 3 (1988) (Superior Software)
F10479 Repton 3 Four Game Compilation (1992) (Superior Software)
F10309 Revolver (1995) (Psycore)
F10310 Rick Dangerous (1995) (The Hitmen Software)
F10316 Rotor (1989) (Arcana Software)
F10327 Serpents (1993) (Cambridge International Software)
F10328 Shuggy (1997) (Werewolf Software)
F10329 Silver Ball (1997) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10594 Software 42 Collection: Raw Power (1993) (Eclipse)
F10346 Star Fighter 3000 (1994) (Fednet Software)
F10347 Starch (1990) (Alien Images)
F10353 SunBurst [32bit version] (2015) (Visions of the Impossible)
F10356 Super Snail (1998) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10357 Superior Golf (1990) (Superior Software)
F10360 Syndicate+ (1998) (R-Comp Interactive)
F10362 Talisman (1989) (Minerva)
F10366 Terramex (1988) (Grandslam Entertainments)
F10371 Tower of Babel (1991) (Cygnus Software)
F10367 Thundermonk (1989) (Minerva)
F10378 Warlocks (1993) (Network 23)
F10381 White Magic (1989) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10382 White Magic 2 (1989) (The Fourth Dimension)
F10386 Wizard Apprentice (1997) (The Datafile)
F10387 WolfPack (1992) (Software 42)
F10393 World Class Leaderboard (1988) (Krisalis Software)
F10394 Worra Battle (1989) (Oak Solutions)
F10320 X-Run (1990) (XFM Software)
F10401 Zalaga (1996) (ProAction)
F10402 Zarch (1987) (Superior Software)
F10403 Zelanites - The Onslaught (1991) (MicroPower)
F10030 Zodiac - Aries: Hamsters (1994) (GamesWare)
F10030 Zodiac - Aries: Square Route (1994) (GamesWare)

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