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A while back I mentioned the 26 bit version of AMPLE.

Someone in the meanwhile added Music 500/5000 emulation to B-Em, in semi portable C.

It shouldn't be too hard for a competent programmer to take that code back into pure ARM, and something
that a RISC OS voice generator would understand.

AMPLE 26bit, would be too much hassle to port over to 32 bit entirly, so I figured it might be faster to get someone to write a fresh 32bit AMPLE, based on using either RISC OS voice generators or an emulated 500/5000 in the back end.

That said, implementing a FORTH system for RISC OS 32 bit is probably not as easy as it looks, even though there are I think some existing ARM forths that could be adapated. There is also BB4WFORTH which could be if the x86 back end (which is hosted inside BBC Basic) is back ported to ARM.

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