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Re: AutoVIDC 2.09

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PaulV wrote:A quick update and I think I hit a bug in RISC OS....


When I left the exerciser running it would perform thousands of loops but eventually RISC OS would hang completely requiring a RESET.
So I have a bit more info regarding this. It's not RISC OS 3.11 itself, it's something in the Uniboot install I have.

If I boot without Uniboot the machine is as stable as you would want it to be. If I boot with Uniboot, the hang is random but takes some time to appear.

As the problem doesn't appear to be in AutoVIDC and when it occurs a reset is required it's hard to track down. Any thoughts as to how I could narrow this down?


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Re: AutoVIDC 2.09

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All my machines crash or hang randomly with UniBoot, I've just lived with it as I don't use them for long enough to notice most of the time. The only way to find out for sure is to strip it back to bare minimum, then start adding updated modules.

If I leave the machines at the desktop and don't touch them, they will eventually either lock solid or display a crash in a desktop related module.

Likewise, if I leave Zarch doing its demo they will eventually hang so its not the desktop or related modules. Possibly CLib or FPE related.

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Re: AutoVIDC 2.09

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JonAbbott wrote:Possibly CLib or FPE related.
New version of FPE is out (v4.32) - Jeffrey has sorted out the bug in the way FPE claims the undefined instruction vector (which was incorrect on Arm2/250/3 machines) and has existed for the last 12 years. This was what lead to the clash with QTM (undefined instruction error) on loading on Arm2/Arm250 computers running FPE 4.12-4.31.


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