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How do I install and use ADFFS

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2016 3:25 pm
by JonAbbott
  1. Download and install the self-extracting version of SparkFS, the linked page details how to do this
  2. Double-click on SparkFS to run it
  3. Download the latest stable release of ADFFS ZIP file from this forum, or beta if available, from the Development/ADFFS forum
  4. Double-click to open the archive with SparkFS. If necessary, change it's filetype to Archive
  5. Drag the !ADFFS app to your harddisc
  6. Double-click on the extracted !ADFFS to launch it
You can now download released games from this site and double-click on the JFD floppy images them to open with ADFFS. If necessary, change their filetype to Floppy first. Note that you do not need to remove the /jfd extension, ADFFS is aware of PC file extensions.

To run the games, instructions are on each download page, but generally you just right-click on the ADFFS Filer icon and select Boot floppy. On multi-disk games, press CTRL-SHIFT-F1 thru F9 to swap discs